Okay, it's time to share some secret sauce…

How Can You Not Only Become An Exec, But Thrive As One?

I spend a lot of my coaching on these 2 challenges, and often say I've thought about it more than anyone else on the planet.

There are really 3 main elements you need to master if you are to do this, and in today's newsletter I'll provide an overview of each.

They are:

Mindset, Executive Skills And Habits

The intersection of these 3 elements is where you really begin to own your place at the exec table. So let's break them down:


Having the right mindset is like having a solid foundation. It is absolutely required in order to build something successful.

And having confidence, overcoming limiting beliefs and empowering a growth mindset are all incredibly valuable in whatever you do, and that includes leadership. Think of the best leaders you know – do they exude confidence? You bet they do.

Many of us fail to bring our best selves forward because we live in fear of showing the world who we really are. Maybe that means we're afraid to share a great idea, to confidently raise a concern or to take a risk and ask for that promotion.

In my next newsletter I'll be getting into more detail around this piece because it's so important it deserves it's own dedicated newsletter. In fact, many believe that mindset is 80% of success.

Which is why so many programs focus on mindset… The problem is, most coaching programs STOP HERE.

Having the right mindset is imperative, but… it's not enough. You need the other 2 to translate that mindset into action and outcome.

So let's dive into them, starting with:

Executive Skills

This is the element I focus most on in my content and newsletters, because I see so many leaders and aspiring leaders struggle here. I also refer to this as presenting yourself as a strategic leader. You may also hear people talk about ‘executive presence'… well, it's all the same stuff.

These skills are different from typical leadership skills – which are also important to develop but generally easier to access. When I say ‘typical leadership skills', think people leadership… There are lots of books out there about how to be a great people leader. If you haven't invested in some, now's a good time to start.

But when you can master executive skills, people will look at you as a senior leader. Your ideas will land. You'll be seen as strategic and insightful.

And it's game changing.

The recipe is this:

Expertise + Insights + Judgement + Framing

If you've been following me for while, you've heard me talk about these things. The concepts are simple, but mastering them is not. Which brings me to the 3rd element:


The last and final element is your habits, which are the glue to holding the other 2 together and the catalyst for turning them into lasting change.

You can have an amazing insight about your mindset or learn a valuable skill, but without creating the habits required to incorporate this into your everyday life, you will not evolve as a leader. Why?

Believe it or not, most times the effect of having an important insight fades over time… so that 6 months later, nothing has changed.

I love this quote, because it's true:

People do not decide their futures. They decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures. – F.M. Alexander

The habits you create in your life today will be what dictates where you are 10 years from now..

Practically speaking, this means once you have an insight or identify a new skill, ask yourself what habit you can create to cement this. How can you use this for every meeting or to plan every day?

So there you have it – and in my upcoming newsletters I'll be deep diving on mindset and habits to ensure you're ready to master all of these.

Until next time friends ✌️💜