Many of the women I talk to know what they want, and aren't doing what they need to get it.

If you're looking to get promoted in 2024 and your strategy is to work hard with your head down and wait for the right person to notice, you need a new strategy.

I get it, many of us have been conditioned to work hard, not rock the boat, and eventually we'll be rewarded. That was what you did in school right?

In school and early in your career, being a strong executor will make you successful and probably even lead to that first promotion. But once you're a Manager and looking to move up to more senior roles, it's no longer going to cut it.

So as we kick off 2024, I want to help you create your environment for success.

I've come up with some key questions to ask yourself, in terms of how you're showing up today. From these, you can determine what changes you may want to make this year to see a different result.

Here they are:

  1. Are you investing in your growth?
  2. Are you advocating for your promotion?
  3. Are you creating boundaries?
  4. Are you showing up as that leader today?

Because each of these deserves a bit of a deep dive, I'll be splitting it up over 4 weekly newsletters for the month of January. Today, we'll focus on the first question:

Are you investing in your growth?

There's no one right way to invest in your growth, but you should be doing something! And the investment doesn't need to cost money – sometimes is simply requires your time.

It's interesting, because what I see most often is the intention to do this, and then becoming ‘too busy'. The key is to prioritize investing in your growth. Make it just as important as the 1:1 with your boss or key meeting with the team. Because it is.

Here are countless ways you can invest in your growth, and I've listed my favourite 4 below. You can choose some of these, or do them all. If you're doing nothing today, consider adding 1-2 that you commit to. You'll gain confidence by making this decision and then keeping that promise to yourself.

1. Join a peer group – I've spoken about the power of a peer group a number of times, because it was game-changing for me as a lonely leader. Having people to share vulnerably with and bounce ideas off is invaluable.

Too often, we feel we need to figure everything out on our own. But why?? There are people out there who have already done it, or are doing it now. Instead of reinventing the wheel, leverage the brains of other leaders, and help them out in return. Not only does it give you space to share and feel connected, you'll also gain valuable knowledge.

2. Join a free masterclass – Many people offer these, including me! Yes, they often introduce a paid offer at the end, but (if it's a good one) you'll also gain new insights and learn something from the free masterclass itself. I've done a bunch of these – sometimes I end up buying the course/joining the program and sometimes I don't. But either way, I gain knowledge.

(PS. if you want to join my masterclass next week on Jan 9th, you can register by clicking on the time you want here: Jan 9th, 2024: 12pm EST or 7pm EST.)

3. Enrol in a program or course – This is something that the entrepreneurs I know are great at, but many people in the corporate world just haven't bought into. Find a program or course that aligns with the growth. you want to see, and then commit to doing it. If your company will sponsor this, great. Definitely ask. If they won't, consider paying out of your own pocket!

I know, I know… it's scary to invest what may be thousands of dollars for the first time, when we're used to relying on our company to provide our development and pay for it. But if you aren't getting what you need, do you really want to leave this in their hands? Or do you want to take control of your career and invest in yourself? Every time I've done this, I've seen a 10x return. Increased salary, increased opportunities, increased network… think about the ROI.

I have a program for women who are Managers or Directors and want to land that next promotion. I can almost guarantee your HR department isn't offering this 😉

The bottom line is this: you can learn a ton from experts who have been there. Take ownership of your career and development, and invest the time in finding the right program, and the money in making it happen if your company won't cover it.

4. Consume content intentionally – This one is just a no-brainer for me. Let's be honest, you're already doom scrolling sitting on your couch, so have your curated your feed?

Are you following leaders you admire and influencers who share insights that make you think and want to level up… or are you just watching prank videos on YouTube and cute dog clips on IG? (Don't get me wrong, there's always time for cute dogs in the feed…).

Think about your goal (promotion, health, relationships… whatever it is) and find accounts that are posting great content aligned with that goal. Most of us also send out free newsletters on a regular basis. There is a ton of free content you can find – you just need to be intentional about what content you're consuming.

If you're spending a fair bit of time on social media and NOT doing this, you are missing out on some easy, passive learning.

So that wraps up our first question. Stay tuned for the next 3 and I hope to see a bunch of you on Tuesday for my free masterclass: The Top 3 Things That Hold Women Back From a Seat at the Table. There will be time at the end of Q&A as well.

Until next time friends… ✌️💜