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Receive monthly career insights to level up and lead without burning out. Each month, get practical tips and tools on a deep-dive topic.


Need some help networking?

Whenever I speak with women who are looking for their next opportunity or hear from someone who’s been job searching without luck, my advice is the same: focus [...]

July 13, 2024|

Dealing with an unsupportive manager

I've had great managers and terrible managers. I've worked in growth cultures and cultures that didn't foster growth at all. Anyone relate? I've had several recent conversations with [...]

July 6, 2024|

Staying positive when job-searching

It's a tough job market out there. In the past few years, we've seen massive layoffs, with many successful people being laid off for the first time in [...]

June 29, 2024|

A brand new way to look at mindset

Do you ever hear something that makes you stop and really think? Maybe a brand-new idea you've never heard before or an angle you've never considered... That happened to [...]

June 22, 2024|

10 lessons from 45 years…

Today marks my 45th trip around the sun. Honestly, it's hard to believe since I still feel like I'm 30! (That is, until I hang out with a 30-year-old, [...]

June 8, 2024|

The power of your daily routine

I'm a BIG fan of a daily routine. And I'm not alone. Many of the most successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and people on the planet have a morning routine they [...]

May 25, 2024|

The thing no one is talking about

There's a myth going around, that some women have figured out how to 'do it all'.You know the ones I'm talking about:Successful careerScreen-free kidsOrganic meals from scratchBento box lunchesVolunteering for [...]

May 18, 2024|

Feeling stuck? Start taking action

I was reflecting on my career recently and had a realization - the times I've seen the most growth have been the times I took initiative and took action. [...]

May 4, 2024|

Hard truth: Perceptions Matter

In my upcoming masterclass, I'll be sharing the 3 things that hold women back from a seat at the table, and in today's newsletter I want to focus on [...]

April 27, 2024|

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