“I decided to invest in myself and joined Katy’s professional cohort – Owning Your Seat at the Table.”

Katy provided a safe space and provided real-time, actionable feedback/ guidance to all cohort members. The 8 week cohort was created with intention; making you the focus while providing insights and a path forward into being the Leader you want to be.

Katy has the experience, she knows the challenges you are facing; that experience coupled with her passion for coaching and mentoring is invaluable. She gives direct feedback with great care and helps you find your power, your voice and gently guides you out of your own way.

Being a part of a cohort with like-minded women helped me feel seen, felt invigorating and dare I say, feel powerful?

If you are looking for a supportive community led by an empathetic, kind, caring and smart woman, I highly recommend leaning in and reaching out to Katy!

Kim avila MBA, senior finance leader

“I was initially unsure of what “executive coaching” entailed or what value I would get from it. However, from my first interaction with Katy, I felt supported by the coaching program structure, while at the same time feeling very in control of the areas that we covered.”

Working with Katy truly opened my eyes to a whole new layer of leadership and executive skills above and beyond what I had been exposed to through workplace management and leadership training, as well as courses in leadership and strategy through my MBA. The personalized nature of Katy’s offering was a game-changer for me in recognizing the importance of communication framing, mindset, daily habits and practices, and truly gaining and understanding of my inner drivers and self.

Implementing the actionable items from Katy’s sessions has resulted in immediate feedback from other members of the leadership team within my workplace that I am bringing more value to meetings and has given me the confidence to approach my schedule, habits and presence in the workplace (and outside of the workplace!) in a new way. Thank you Katy!

lydia beaudette, director growth & strategic partnerships

“When I first decided to invest in coaching with Katy, I was a first-time executive struggling with imposter syndrome and a lot of stress/performance anxiety, looking for a coach to guide me with additional tools and perspectives.”

I was drawn to Katy because of her parallel experience in tech & startups, and I was excited to not only get coached by her, but to also learn from her own first-hand experiences with similar challenges. What I got was all that and then some – and by that, I mean that our coaching transcended my immediate role and extended into my broader life vision.

Katy was fantastic at listening, digging into the root of things, and giving me new frameworks and lenses to problem solve in my career and personal life with confidence and clarity. My career has been immensely influenced by the time I spent with Katy and I highly recommend her to women at any stage of their career.

Sarah Chiu

“I truly found Katy’s coaching invaluable for many reasons. She challenged me to think big about my career desires and gave me the insights to pursue what I desire most.”

With Katy’s coaching, I actioned my path to promotion and realized it has to be self-driven, self-documented, and self-pushed. It is improbable for a promotion to happen without self-advocacy. I learned how to ask for specifics. I learned how to record examples. And finally, I learned how to hold my boss accountable for delivering a promotion after demonstrating the “specifics.”

Stephanie D, Operations Manager

“I can’t say enough how great it was to have Katy be the Keynote speaker at our recent LeadHERship event.”

She was able to use real-life experiences to connect with our participants, and her speaking style was engaging, enjoyable, and entertaining!  Her real-life examples left our audience inspired and ready to take on a new challenge. I hope to work with Katy again!

Katy, I cannot thank you enough for participating in our LeadHERship event. You were absolutely fantastic and I cannot express enough how you struck a chord with the participants who attended. Your name was referred to often during the follow-up panelists group and during the networking event afterwards.  You inspired so many women today and for that, I am so grateful.


“I was very fortunate to have been a part of the first cohort for this program!”

Not only was the value delivered during sessions incredible, but the relationships we built with one another along the way were truly next level.

As a testament to all we’ve learned over the past few weeks, I have to share that Katy has had a profound impact on my professional career, but also a huge positive impact on my personal life. I would absolutely recommend Katy and this program.

Leia Dudek, Head of Sales and Customer Support

“I signed up for the group program for professional growth and development… yet gained that and more!”

This cohort had a positive and lasting impact on me professionally, personally, mentally, physically – at work and at home! To say this program was worth the investment would be an understatement.

Thank you Katy, for following your passion and I have no doubt you’ll reach your goal of helping 1,000+ women become execs!

Yevgenia Apablaza, Sr. Finance Manager

“Katy is the new breed of executive coach”

Super smart, super on to it, but also values driven, compassionate and kind. She zeros in on you as a person, your particular needs – it’s not a generic programme packed with platitudes.

I found it incredibly clarifying, helping me reframe perceived weaknesses, giving clear cut guidance to really dial up my potential. I loved that we spoke at depth about actionable specifics, none of it was generic text book stuff, which meant my growth and confidence really increased at pace.

On top of being very very good. She is also hilarious and fun. I looked forward to our sessions and came away bouncing with energy and ideas.

Georgie D., Director, Communications

“Before I started working with Katy, I wasn’t sure I needed a coach or what to expect.”

I can truly say that this experience has been transformational, and has allowed me to get crystal clear on what I want in life both personally and professionally.
Our work together has helped me regain my lost confidence and shed limiting beliefs, allowing me to show up as my authentic self, tell my story and really lean into my strengths.  My goal was to get out of my professional funk – I have definitely achieved this, and more. I would recommend Katy in a heartbeat!

Lauren R., MBA, Business Operations

“This was my first time working with a business coach and Katy exceeded my expectations in every way.”

Katy helped me further develop my skills to become a strategic executive leader and also helped create a new mindset. One of my biggest challenges before working with Katy was often feeling like my voice was not being heard with a mix of imposter syndrome. She taught me the importance of framing and how to show up for myself.
I highly recommend working with Katy to any female new to leadership, or anyone who allows self-doubt to get in the way of their career goals.

Rachel K., Director of Brand Marketing

“I reached out to Katy when I was entering a transition period in my career that filled me with emotions and I was struggling to be objective & balanced.”

Katy provided a sounding board to allow me to process my emotions but not let them be driver of my career decisions. I professionally navigated numerous internal and external offers making the best decision for my next career move.

As I started into my new role Katy’s further guidance included setting me up for success for the next step up in my career. Navigating the corporate world as female often has rough patches and I appreciated Katy’s neutral views and honest feedback when I needed it the most.

Sarah M., Senior Originator

“Meeting with Katy has been extremely valuable.”

My time with her is filled with her many years of experience, her insight, and her friendliness. I can expect that when we meet, she will have useful ideas for whatever issues I’m presenting and will often have piercing and revealing questions.

I attribute a significant amount of the growth I’ve had in my role to the time I’ve spent with her and look forward to the continued time we have together.

Justin S., CEO

“Katy coached me as I was transitioning jobs.”

She actively listens, asks great questions, and offers powerful reflections. She helped me uncover what I really wanted and my best steps forward to get there.

Isitri M., MD, Internal Medicine Program Director, Burnout Coach

“Katy is such a pleasure to work with!”

I hired Katy to help evaluate my career development plans and better position me for the next step in my career.

Her insights and advice helped me build confidence in my capabilities and to identify next steps to navigate my career.

If you are looking to level-up and fill your toolbox with strategies to overcome common challenges that women face when advancing in leadership roles, connect with Katy, her combination of passion, experience and down to earth personality are invaluable!

Tara C., Sr. Manager, R&D

I invested in 1-1 coaching with Katy, and it was the best gift I gave myself this year!

I wanted to work with her to help me get ahead in my career, and what I got was much more than that. I’ve gained new insights into myself and the direction I want to take in work and life. I would highly recommend working with Katy.

Jess J., Sales

I’ve been working with Katy for several months and I’ve already seen amazing impact. She provides the perfect balance of high-level vision and tactical guidance.

Katy lets me drive the conversation and determine which topics I would like to cover in each session, but she has a real knack for asking the right questions and drawing out the underlying root cause of the challenges I bring forward. I particularly love her way of breaking down problems and giving practical, actionable feedback.

I have had the chance to implement some of Katy’s recommendations in the workplace to great success – including an overhaul of my organization’s quarterly strategy review, and improving my ability to present and frame data-driven recommendations. Feedback from my superiors on these changes has been overwhelmingly positive and I’m excited to continue to level up with Katy’s support! I can’t recommend working with her enough.

Megan M., Manager, Accelerator Programs & Investor Relations

If you’re a female executive who’s struggled with the many facets of working your way up the leadership ladder, I cannot recommend Katy highly enough!

For me Katy has managed to quite quickly: 1. See what may be the limiting beliefs and issues holding me back 2. Identify strategies to address these and 3. Set out an action plan to implement the strategies.

Sometimes things that seem easy in hindsight are difficult to see when you are in the trenches. Katy provides simple insights on how to get out of your own way and break that glass ceiling.

Kathryn Friend, Director, Chameleon Science